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Implementation Planning

Executive Coaching

Individual Coaching with a Seasoned HR Strategist, Advisor and Investor

I’ve worked with over 50 clients across Tech, VC, and Financial Services at a point of transition and growth.

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs, leaders in tech, and managers working in an innovation context.

-Work with a seasoned HR Strategist and with 15+ years of expertise in compensation planning and scaling organizations from 10-2000 employees

-Decision-science grounded approach for specific, measurable results.

-Prepare for negotiations with data, and make informed career decisions.

I offer ad-hoc coaching and thoughtfully designed coaching packages, addressing crucial aspects of your career journey, including:

Career Transitions

Compensation Negotiation

Your First 90 Days

I work with select clients designed to achieve specific results over a limited duration.

Sample Clients:

General Partner, >$100M AUM Venture Capital Firm 

SVP, Ecommerce Unicorn.

SVP Sales, Fintech Unicorn.

Executive Team, Corporate Innovation Center.

Partner, Global Venture Capital Firm

CEO, HealthTech.

Product Manager, Fortune 50 Hardware/Media Company.

Product Manager, Games.

Head of Sales and Business Development, Biotech.

Head of Product, MedTech.

Founder & CEO, Media.

Head of Product Management, HealthTech.

Regional Head of Sales, Fintech.

Head of Strategy, AI Startup.

COO, Startup Food and Lifestyle Business.

Head of Sales, B2B SaaS Startup.

Managing Director, Digital Innovation Center.

Senior Director of Operations, >$1BN AUM Venture Capital Firm

.....and multiple Founders of early stage companies

Get in Touch

You helped me position myself in the best way possible and optimize my outcome, and I’m happy that you provided guidance by helping me ask the important questions, but did not bias me towards one option or the other. I also like that you met my individual needs rather than creating a templatized script. Thank you so much for your help with this – it was important to have your counsel.

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